Despite rhetoric supporting the advancement of women on corporate boards, the evidence of any progress in the last decade is meager (outside countries with mandated gender quotas). Archival board data (~ 5000 U.S. publicly traded firms) from the past decade (2002-2011) shows that THE biggest predictor of whether or not a female is appointed to a corporate board is if a woman just left that board.

This “gender matching heuristic” was replicated in follow up lab studies, which also showed that although respondents are selecting candidates based on gender matching, they deny using gender as an important factor.

We suggest this gender matching is a subconscious heuristic process stemming from the more general status-quo bias.

“The goal should not be to fit women into computer science but rather to change computer science.” – Jane Margolis and Allan Fisher
How Carnegie Mellon Increased the Proportion of Women in Computer Science From 7% to 42% - See more at: